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Hair Transplant video documentation technology has not been a priority for Carolina Dermatology Hair Center and Dr. Jerry Cooley in the past due to several reasons but the main focus of our practice has been to improve the core of our work through innovation and research. We have always been at the forefront of leading edge hair restoration technologies and it is evident with developments that can be directly attributed to our clinic. Dr. Cooley is personally responsible for some of the current “gold standards” in hair restoration that are designed to help hair transplant patients on every level of the standard hair loss chart. This includes the development and use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy combined with ACell Matristem technology and the use of HypoThermosol® and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) holding solutions for increasing the survival and eventual yield of hair transplant grafts during FUE and FUSS procedures.

Hair Transplant Video Documentation, A Global First

We are now announcing another first in the hair restoration field. Carolina Dermatology Hair Center is proud to be the first hair restoration clinic in the world to standardize on Ultra HD 4K video documentation for hair transplant video documentation. Why is this an important development? Since 2005 or 2006  most hair restoration clinics have slowly added hair transplant video documentation to augment their photo documentation. The quality of these videos even today varies depending on the quality of the camera used as well as the resolution and lighting. The current expected minimum is high definition at 1080p and a standard 3-point lighting configuration in order to properly illuminate the patient. Hair Center has not invested in the equipment necessary for hair transplant video documentation in the past because we have felt that the clarity and detail available through high resolution photographs was not represented with 1080p HD video. In the past few years however Ultra HD 4K video technology has become more attainable than ever. As formats and technologies have standardized Dr. Cooley recognized that it is now time to integrate the use of video for our documentation. Why Ultra HD 4K for hair transplant video documentation? This is the first technology available for hair transplant video documentation that, when viewed on a 4K monitor or 4K television, can give a similar level of detail and sense of realism that one can get if they are in the same room as the patient. The depth of field is similar, the subtle details jump out and the imperfections found naturally in human skin are all evident and together they present the most realistic, accurate and honest presentation available anywhere. This is the first technology that has actually made viewing results on a screen similar to seeing the result in person. Finally, video technology has caught up with hair transplant technology!

Here is the first hair transplant video documentation ever published, worldwide, to show you why we feel Ultra HD 4K video should be the new standard. To see the full potential of this format it is best viewed on a large 4K monitor or a large 4K Smart TV expanded into full screen mode.

As you can see in the video above the patient was not in need of a massive transformation as his hair loss was considered to be mild. Ultra HD 4K hair transplant video documentation allows you to see the true benefit of what can be considered moderate hairline reshaping and lowering. Comparatively, the physical dimensions of his hairline were not changed much but the visual impact is subtle yet at the same time it redefines his entire appearance. Ultra HD 4K resolution allows you to not only see the exit point of each hair as you would see in person but you can also see how the overall general direction of how the hairs grow actually flows in the same direction, as they should naturally.

Dr. Cooley is taking our hair transplant video documentation very seriously. He is working with experts in the field to standardize on a presentation format that will be consistent from patient to patient. This is important in hair transplant video documentation because having standards for our presentation helps to eliminate distractions that can misrepresent from the actual result. Dr. Cooley understands that patients use hair transplant photos and hair transplant video documentation to make their decisions about whom they should consider for their hair restoration procedure and only by presenting our work in the most honest and transparent fashion can patients make the most informed decisions possible. That is the most important goal for Dr. Cooley as he feels that patients that make informed decisions are the patients that demonstrate the highest levels of satisfaction.

We invite you to view all of our videos and to subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay informed of each and every new Ultra HD 4K video we produce. It takes time and a lot of patience to edit these videos but we feel it is worth it. We’re proud of our results and we wish for you to see as much detail as possible because the more you see of us the more you’ll like us!

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