All hair transplant videos shared from Carolina Dermatology Hair Center are produced in Ultra HD 4K resolution. Dr. Cooley is the first doctor in the world to standardize on this format.

11. Female Hairline Reconstruction 3231 Grafts

This 60 year old female was experiencing hairline recession similar to what is normally seen in male patterned hair loss. Because she is post menopausal she was also put on a finasteride and minoxidil regimen. PRP with ACell was the secondary treatment on top of the 3231 follicular unit strip surgery. Her result shown is at one year post op. This hair transplant video was produced in Ultra HD 4K resolution for the highest possible clarity and resolution.


12. Hairline Reconstruction For 23 Year Old Male

Younger patients have more to consider when dealing with the prospect of hair loss and hair transplant surgery as, in many cases, the final hair loss pattern is not easy to determine. However, in this case the patient had been on medical therapy (finasteride) and documented that his hair loss had stabilized. Combined with a strong family history and a plentiful donor supply the plan was laid out for a procedure. 2626 grafts using FUSS was performed for the result seen in this 4K Ultra HD hair transplant video. PRP with ACell was also used to speed recovery and enhance the final result.

13. 3375 “No Shave” FUSS procedure For Late 30’s Male Patient

No one likes to shave for their hair transplant procedure. Luckily, Dr. Cooley has never required patients to shave so when this patient presented the issue of needing to return to work in a week, Dr. Cooley said “no problem!”. The patient had already been prescribed and had been using finasteride and had reported his loss had stabilized. Dr. Cooley placed 3375 grafts in one procedure to mainly address the front half of his scalp and applied PRP with ACell for thickening of the crown and to speed overall healing. This video was produced in Ultra HD 4K for the highest possible resolution and clarity of detail.

14. 2024 Grafts For Hairline Lowering

This early 40’s male presented with NW2A hairline recession and wished to lower his hairline from 8.5 cm down to 7cm. Dr. Cooley and the team at Hair Center moved 2024 grafts using the FUSS technique in one procedure. He had already stabilized his hair loss with finasteride several years before his procedure so his hair loss was considered to be stable. PRP with ACell was also used to aid in the speedy recovery he experienced and to help augment the use of finasteride for overall hair stability. The result shown is two years after his procedure and he reports that he is pleased with the final result. He has no plans for additional work.