Joe Tillman, The Hair Transplant Mentor™ Visits Hair Center

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In February of 2016, Joe Tillman from Hair Transplant Mentor website came to visit Dr. Cooley and the team at Haircenter in Charlotte, North Carolina for a review of the facilities and to observe our protocols. Joe spent three days in and out of the surgery room with Dr. Cooley and the team and was able to document on video what he witnessed during his stay.

Joe Tillman is one of the most recognized names in the hair restoration industry and has been working as a professional in the field since 2003. Previously, Joe was a repair patient that had two bad surgeries in the early 1990’s and once he started his road to repair in 2002 he became a patient advocate to help others find the answers to their own personal hair loss issues. Joe has been a voice of change in the hair transplant field by being the first patient in the world to “blog” in near real time during his hair transplant repair procedures and his subsequent recovery. This was to show others what it was like to go through a procedure, from beginning to end. This included showing photos of the surgical procedure, graft dissection and documentation for a full year to show how a patient recovers and what it is like for transplanted hair to begin to grow to it’s fullest and final result. This was over fifteen years ago!

Joe is also responsible for establishing photographic standards that most top clinics adhere to today. This includes the elimination of flash photography that severely distorts the reality of the image vs. what one would see if they saw the patient in person. The goal has been to establish more realistic expectations for patients while they look at the various photos online of hair transplant patients. Joe also helped to establish the standard for the use of HD video in 2006 and the standard angles of documentation to establish consistency from one result to the next.

Currently, Joe Tillman is working with multiple clinics worldwide in various capacities and he has a unique and original approach to his work.


I’ve seen and even taken part in thousands of surgeries over the past fifteen years and I’ve traveled the world meeting many more thousands of patients. Because of this, and my constant presence in the online hair restoration world, I know that when I work with a clinic patients will consider any association as an endorsement of quality so for that reason I simply can’t work with clinics that I wouldn’t have surgery with myself. To be able to say I would have surgery with a clinic I have to spend time in the clinic to observe not just the way surgeries are performed but how the team works together as a whole to ensure the patient is taken care of, before, during and after their procedure. There is so much more to quality than just looking at photos and videos so by visiting a clinic in person I can walk away knowing if they are the real deal or not. I’m very happy to say that Dr. Jerry Cooley and the team at Hair Center in Charlotte, North Carolina are DEFINITELY the real deal.

– Joe Tillman, The Hair Transplant Mentor™


During his visit, Joe Tillman met and interviewed one of our patients that had come to us for an FUE repair procedure. The patient has already undergone an FUE procedure at another clinic and he had come to Dr. Cooley for a repair procedure, also using the FUE technique. The patient had agreed to let Joe document his procedure from beginning to end. Joe has been editing and uploading multiple segments of his visit to Haircenter and highlighting various aspects of the patient’s procedure in each episode. In this first episode shown below Joe shares the first portion of his journey to Hair Center in Charlotte, North Carolina to give visiting patients an idea of where they’ll stay during their visit and how to get to our clinic.