Dr. Cooley is one of the pioneers of research regarding platelet rich plasma therapy and how it can be used to treat hair loss for men and women. Since 2006, with continued research and modifications to his ever evolving protocols, Dr. Cooley has developed a very effective treatment that has seen very positive results for many of his patients. Dr. Cooley uses PRP to treat the right candidates for diffused hair loss and general thinning and he also uses it to augment the surgical hair restoration procedures he is globally recognized for. PRP with ACell is used to help speed post-operative healing and to create better overall results.

PRP Results – The Reality

Dr. Cooley is becoming concerned with how some institutions and clinics are promoting the use of PRP therapy for hair loss as the public is becoming more misinformed about PRP treatments for hair loss than ever before. Dr. Cooley wishes to emphasize that not all PRP treatments are equal and while doing your research you should insist on seeing multiple examples of PRP results with clear and consistent photographs. Even with the best protocols results will vary and we wish to share the range of efficacy seen with our own very effective PRP with ACell treatment protocol.

PRP Result # 001

prp result

This is a 45 year old man who is not on finasteride. We performed PRP with ACell and no other treatments were applied. The patient noted an increase in overall density along with more styling options from his PRP result.  We estimated that the patient experienced a 25% improvement which was subsequently verified with cross sectional tricometry measurements. It is important to note that improvements with many PRP results are not relegated to visual improvements alone as the patient will note an improvement to how the hair feels. Miniaturized hairs will become thicker in diameter, or more “terminal”. Note that the part line of this patient has been narrowed and hair on either side of the part are stronger and of thicker caliber.

PRP Result # 002

prp resultsThis patient is a 64 year old male that had been on finasteride for over ten years prior to visiting Haircenter. A PRP treatment, augmented with Acell, was administered and he returned one year later with impressive improvements throughout. His PRP results showed the top of his scalp was thicker with more terminal hairs than before the treatment.  He then elected to have a second treatment and is shown 18 months later with additional obvious improvements to his once thinned scalp. More hairs have thickened and the part line is more narrow. The crown also is markedly improved with both coverage and density from these final PRP results. The patient made no changes to his medical regimen during this time and is continuing to enjoy the benefits of PRP with Acell from Dr. Cooley.



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