Notice to Patients: Our Name Is Changing!

On January 1st, 2019 our new name will be Cooley Hair Center! We haven’t moved but Dr. Cooley has written a letter describing the change. Click here to read it!

Ultra-Refined Hair Transplant Surgery For Men & Women

Get your self-confidence back. Of course, hair restoration is something you do for yourself….not to please anyone else. When you have surgical hair restoration at Cooley Hair Center, you will see not only new hair but renewed self-confidence and higher self-esteem. It is an investment in yourself!

Meet Dr. Cooley

Dr. Cooley is a board certified dermatologist and diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). He serves as Vice President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and was its President in 2011. In 2008, he won the coveted Platinum Follicle Award from the ISHRS for his many scientific contributions to hair restoration. He is a frequent lecturer at hair transplantation conferences, and has authored numerous articles and textbook chapters in the field.

He is committed to researching improvements in the field of hair restoration and has received three research grants from the ISHRS. Dr. Cooley served as head U.S. consultant for Intercytex, Ltd., a British company which attempted to develop a “hair cloning” treatment for hair loss. Learn More…

Hair Transplant

Over the last 10 years follicular unit transplantation has not only become state-of-the-art and standard of care, it has become “ultra-refined” and at the Cooley Hair Center. Learn More…

Cloning & Hair Research

Cooley Hair Center is in a league of their own and is known for their cutting edge research. The potential is that with a sample of 50 to 100 hairs we may be able to produce thousands upon thousands of hairs to treat hair loss. Learn More…