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FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction: The Hair Transplant Alternative

  • Post published:February 13, 2018
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Male and female pattern baldness affects a huge population of people throughout the world. Despite the best efforts of many well-qualified expert doctors and researchers, the cure for baldness remains elusive. So, if baldness is a reality for many people, what can be done about it?

If you are tired of worrying about your receding hairline and progressing bald spots and would like to explore a method for restoring your hair to its thicker, younger self, Hair Center is here to help. Dr. Cooley is one of the world’s foremost hair loss experts and can meet with you to discuss hair transplantation surgery to make a lifelong difference in the look and feel of your hair.

Modern Hair Transplants

Gone are the days of telltale hair transplant signs, like unnatural hair clusters that were responsible for the well-known “pluggy” look of older procedures. Modern hair transplants can create completely natural-looking results that perfectly mimic surrounding hair, allowing for seamless hair transplantation.

Two modern procedures exist today: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Both options produce enviable results and have distinct advantages, but FUE in particular allows for effective hair transplantation without linear scars.

The Limitations of FUT

Hair transplant results from FUT and FUE are comparable since they use the same method of transplanting hair into balding areas of the scalp. Under the guidance of an expert hair loss doctor like Dr. Cooley, harvested follicular units can replicate the patterns of surrounding hair for impressive results. The difference between the two methods exists in how the follicular units are harvested.

During FUT, a small strip is removed from the back and sides of the scalp to harvest the grafts. This method is effective and the preferred method for many patients at Hair Center but may not always be the best option for every patient. Removing a strip of the scalp requires sutures and leaves a scar behind, although the surrounding hair tends to completely cover and hide the evidence.

The Follicular Unit Extraction Advantage

FUE can benefit a variety of hair loss patients, including those who are undergoing another hair transplant procedure and cannot safely have another strip removed, those who require only a small hair transplant, or those who received poor results from a previous FUT procedure and would like to correct their noticeable scar.

FUE grafts are taken individually from the back and sides of the scalp using a small handheld punch device. This method leaves very fine circular scars that are essentially invisible, especially with surrounding hair growth. FUE opens up a wide range of possibilities for patients who may not be candidates for FUT but would like to experience the lasting results of modern hair transplant surgery.

At Hair Center, we can help you regain your hair with advanced restoration procedures. Call us today at 704-729-7337 to learn more and schedule your consultation with Dr. Cooley.