When Will I See the Best Results from My Transplant?

Hair transplants are the most effective option for those faced with hereditary hair loss and looking for lifelong results. Other hair restoration treatment and product options can successfully combat hair loss, but true hair restoration is possible only through hair transplants. While hair transplantation surgery provides long-lasting results, the process to get there can take some time.

At Carolina Hair Center, Dr. Cooley wants to help you achieve your hair restoration goals with the latest in hair transplant science.

The First Six Months

During hair transplantation surgery, hundreds to thousands of individual follicular units will be harvested from along the back and sides of the scalp and transplanted in bare areas on the top of your head. Your scalp will need some time to heal from the procedure before it starts growing new hair, although the new shape and density of your hairline will be immediately noticeable.

After the incisions and scabs have healed over, your newly-transplanted hair will start falling out around week two or three. The loss of this hair is an expected and normal part of the hair restoration process. The transplanted hair will then enter a resting phase until about the third or fourth month. During this time, your hair will look pretty similar to how it looked prior to your treatment.

The transplanted hair follicles will start producing new hair around three months into recovery. Results will come in slowly but gradually develop between three and six months after the procedure, at which point the process toward hair restoration truly begins.

Months Six to Twelve

Now that your new hair is coming in, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of the procedure. Your new hair may initially appear thin and light but will continue to thicken over time. New hair growth will be most noticeable between months six and nine as all of the follicles begin producing noticeable hair.

By the end of the first year, your hair will be much thicker as you finally start to benefit from the effects of your hair restoration treatment. Some patients achieve their final results by the end of their first year, but others may continue to experience results after the initial 12 months.

Final Results

New hair growth can continue to develop for up to 18 months. The transplanted follicles will all be active by this point and producing thick, natural hair. While final results from hair transplantation surgery may take some time to develop, the results will be more than worth the wait.

Speeding Up Results

While final results from hair transplants will always take time to develop, you can take some steps to improve your results and help your scalp recover more quickly. Medicated hair loss products like Rogaine and Propecia can aid the transplanted follicles in producing hair more quickly, while also preventing hair loss from continuing. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy treatments can also help hair transplant recovery by providing a direct source of nutrients and growth factors straight to the scalp. If you are interested in complementing your hair transplants with medicated products or PRP treatments, let Dr. Cooley know during your initial consultation.

Undergoing hair transplantation surgery is a rewarding experience that requires some dedication and patience. If you believe you could benefit from hair transplants or would like to discuss other hair restoration methods, contact Carolina Hair Center today at 704-729-7337 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cooley.