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Do PRP Injections Help Combat Alopecia?

  • Post published:December 13, 2018
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With millions of men and women experiencing the unwanted effects of age-related hair loss, the market for a hair loss cure is higher than ever. While research into a lifelong solution is still ongoing, recent advancements in hair restoration have led experts like Dr. Jerry Cooley at Cooley Hair Center to uncover the benefits of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. With the addition of PRP therapy as part of a comprehensive hair care routine, hair loss patients have now gained a versatile tool that can jumpstart new hair growth without surgery or prolonged and painful side effects.

At Cooley Hair Center, Dr. Cooley is committed to providing you with the latest in hair restoration advancements. If you have ever felt at a loss about your available treatment options, let Dr. Cooley show you real, verified treatments that can successfully combat your hair loss. Come into Cooley Hair Center to discover today’s top hair loss solutions.

Making Sense of Your Hair Loss

Alopecia can be a confusing term that is often thrown around without much concrete explanation. Taken at its basic definition, alopecia refers to any kind of hair loss. Frequently, its used interchangeably for a specific type of hair loss called alopecia areata. Most men and women, however, experience a form of hair loss related to their age and their genetics called androgenetic alopecia.

You’re likely familiar with the phrase male or female pattern baldness, which is a more common and recognizable name for androgenetic alopecia. Caused by factors inherent to your genes, androgenetic alopecia typically starts later in life, although some men and women may experience symptoms beginning in their 20s. If your hairline has moved a little higher up your head or you have noticed a growing bald spot or widening part as you get older, then you likely have androgenetic alopecia.

Age-related hair loss worsens as the effects of an androgen called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) continue to progress throughout the scalp, gradually killing off follicles one-by-one. Hair follicles grow in a continuous cycle that consists of four stages, the longest of which is the growing phase. Everyone loses hair on a daily basis—usually around 80 to 100 strands—as part of the natural growth and regrowth cycle. DHT interrupts this natural growth cycle, however, slowing down a follicle’s hair production until it sheds its hair and never produces any more.

PRP & ACell Therapy: A Winning Combination

In order to combat the ongoing progression of hair loss and DHT’s negative effects on the scalp, some treatments and products attempt to block or inhibit its effects to slow down hair loss. PRP therapy, popularly combined with ACell therapy, focuses on rejuvenating affected follicles and increasing their hair growth, holding the progression of your hair loss at bay and increasing the density of your hair.

PRP is derived from your own blood at the start of treatment. A small amount of your blood is drawn, typically from your arm, and then placed in a centrifuge machine to separate the nutrient-dense plasma from the red blood cells. Once prepared, the PRP may also be combined with ACell for added benefits and increased results. ACell is a medical product created from porcine tissue that is believed to add beneficial support structures to follicles as the PRP works to regenerate aging follicles.

Once injected, the PRP and ACell begin rejuvenating the aging follicles and encouraging new hair growth. PRP therapy with ACell may not revive follicles that have stopped producing hair completely, but it can reactivate miniaturized follicles whose hair production has slowed or recently ceased.

Is PRP Therapy Right for Me?

As a completely autologous treatment, meaning all of the materials are taken from your own body, PRP has no risk of adverse side effects or allergic reactions. ACell, however, has some contraindications and Dr. Cooley can discuss them with you during your in-person evaluation. The only common side effects from PRP therapy are inherent to any type of injectable treatment and include mild swelling, tenderness and redness. Most side effects subside very quickly and will not require you to undergo any downtime.

While PRP has been used in many different fields of medicine in recent decades, its efficacy in the field of hair restoration is still under active study. Many patients have experienced true, repeatable success with their PRP treatment, especially when combined with ACell. Some patients, however, may not experience a large or overly noticeable improvement in the state of their hair. Almost all male and female patients make good candidates for PRP therapy, and its complete lack of any downsides makes it a strong treatment option for adult patients of any age who have been affected by hair loss.

If your hair has continued to thin out over the years and you are concerned about going bald in the near future, PRP therapy with ACell presents an easy, low-risk and effective alternative for more invasive hair restoration procedures like hair transplantation surgery. PRP therapy can also be combined with the use of popular and proven medications like Rogaine and Propecia to provide comprehensive treatment and a visible improvement in the thickness and youthfulness of your hair. Whether your hair loss has just begun or has been an ongoing issue, PRP can help you obtain a thicker and fuller head of hair.

Discover PRP Therapy with ACell at Cooley Hair Center

Dr. Cooley is one of the original global pioneers regarding PRP based hair loss treatments. He has completed vast amounts of research into the results of PRP firsthand and has personally witnessed how PRP therapy with ACell has helped his patients transform the state of their hair. Having researched and performed PRP therapy since 2006, Dr. Cooley has developed a precise treatment method that produces real results for his patients. Unlike other hair clinics that recommended re-treatment every three to four months, patients at Cooley Hair Center only need to undergo PRP therapy once a year on average.

To learn more about why Cooley Hair Center should be your one-stop destination for hair restoration, call us today at 704-542-1601.