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Are There Any Side Effects of PRP for Hair Restoration?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is quickly becoming a buzz term in the world of hair restoration. While it may sound daunting or complicated, PRP therapy is actually a simple and nonsurgical treatment approach that does not use any synthetic products. With minimal side effects, no downtime and proven results for many patients, PRP therapy is a safe and valuable treatment option for both men and women struggling with hair loss. At Cooley Hair Center, Dr. Jerry Cooley and his staff of professional technicians understand hair loss. Dr. Cooley has personally pioneered some of the research regarding PRP therapy’s efficacy in treating male and female pattern baldness, making him one of the foremost experts on its role in hair restoration. If you’re struggling with your hair loss and have been considering PRP therapy as a possible treatment option, make sure you get your information from a qualified professional like Dr. Cooley.

Understanding PRP Therapy

PRP therapy has been used for many years as an effective regenerative treatment for sports-related injuries and orthopaedic medicine. Recently, PRP therapy has also taken off in cosmetic medicine as one part of the two-step Vampire Facial process. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists have noted the skin-rejuvenating effects of PRP and combined them with micro-needling to help patients improve their skin tone and combat the effects of aging and sun damage. When it comes to combating thinning hair, PRP therapy has risen from an uncommon remedy to become a valuable part of most patients’ comprehensive hair restoration plans. During a PRP treatment, a small amount of blood is taken from your arm and placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the unneeded blood cells. The purified PRP is then injected into the scalp to target aging follicles. The natural growth factors present in your own blood provide a direct source of nutrients that can wake up thinning hair and even reverse the effects of miniaturization, giving you thicker, fuller hair without surgery.

No Risk of Adverse Side Effects

One of PRP therapy’s main advantages in the realm of hair restoration is its lack of serious side effects or downsides. Being autologous by definition, meaning all materials used in the treatment are obtained from your own body, the risk of adverse effects is nonexistent. Your hair gets to enjoy a fresh supply of nutrients while you get to enjoy thicker hair, no strings attached. PRP therapy with Cooley Hair Center is also combined with ACell, a medical product derived from porcine bladder, before injection for increased benefits. Patients with a sensitivity or allergy to porcine products should avoid treatment with ACell, and Dr. Cooley will discuss all potential contraindications with you before your treatment.

Minimal Side Effects, Maximum Results

With no risk of side effects or allergic reactions from the PRP itself, the only side effects from the procedure are those inherent with injectable treatments of any kind. Common side effects include minor swelling, redness or soreness. Typically, most patients’ side effects fade within the course of a few hours, but you may experience some mild soreness or swelling that lasts into the next day or two. Local or topical anesthesia may be used to numb your scalp before the procedure, which can result in some lasting numbness after your appointment. Overall, your treatment should be comfortable and your recovery painless. You can return to work and resume all normal activities right after your appointment, making PRP therapy a convenient and effective treatment for men and women everywhere looking for the best in nonsurgical hair restoration options.

Discover PRP Therapy at Cooley Hair Center

At Cooley Hair Center, we’re proud to be among the top hair restoration providers in the world. With global recognition for his skill as a hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Cooley has earned a reputation for successful hair restoration, cutting-edge treatment and satisfied patients. If your thinning hair has left you looking older than you feel, schedule a consultation with Dr. Cooley to learn how he can combat your thinning hair. With minimal side effects, no downtime required and plenty of benefits, PRP therapy is a powerful addition to modern hair restoration treatment. Call Cooley Hair Center today at 704-542-1601 to schedule your appointment.