Hair Transplant Mentor Gets PRP for Hair Loss at Cooley Hair Center

The Hair Transplant Mentor himself, Joe Tillman, visits Cooley Hair Center for a PRP session. After going through nine surgeries and over 10,000 grafts over the course of 20 years, using Propecia, Rogaine and more, Joe is trying out platelet-rich plasma and documenting his experience for viewers everywhere.

Platelet-Rich Plasma as a Solo Therapy

In this video Hair Transplant Mentor Joe Tillman and Dr.  Jerry Cooley show audiences how PRP therapy works at Cooley Hair Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

PRP therapy can successfully minimize hair loss when used as part of a comprehensive hair restoration treatment plan, along with methods like Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

Results following PRP treatments are highly variable and may not be the same among all patients. Some patients can experience results that last for two years or longer, while others may need to schedule a second procedure to increase results.

Unlike other hair restoration clinics, Cooley Hair Center does not require appointments scheduled every three to four months. Dr. Cooley’s approach usually requires only one visit per year, sometimes every two years.

While PRP’s benefits are evident by its efficacy for hair loss patients, it works best as one part of a wide-reaching approach to hair restoration. When used in conjunction with PRP therapy, medicated products like Rogaine and Propecia can effectively manage ongoing hair loss.

If you would like to learn more about the diagnosis and procedures for PRP therapy, schedule your consultation today.

Combining PRP and ACells for Optimum Results 

In Hair Transplant Mentor Joe Tillman’s treatment, Dr. Jerry Cooley drew 120ccs of blood and had it processed in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells, plasma and the platelet-rich plasma components. After this process, the distilled PRP is combined with ACell, a mix of growth factors that work together and compliment one another to rejuvenate the targeted areas of the scalp.

This is because PRP works very quickly while ACell takes time to have an effect. The concoction is injected into the crown to thicken up the miniaturizing hair. The degree of improvement varies from person to person, ranging from a bit of improvement to above average thickening. 

Dr. Cooley advises that the more miniaturized hair a patient has, the more benefit they will gain from this treatment. A lot of women who visit Cooley Hair Center also have extensive miniaturization of hair suitable for this treatment. 

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