Hair Loss Right Top View | Cooley Hair Center, Jerry E. Cooley M.D. | Effective Hair Treatment | Charlotte, NC
Hair Loss Right Top View | Cooley Hair Center, Jerry E. Cooley M.D. | Effective Hair Treatment | Charlotte, NC

Proven Hair Restoration Treatments at Cooley Hair Center

Have you seen ads for products that claim to restore thinning or lost hair, such as multivitamins and supplements? We increasingly witness solutions that brand labels as simple. So how can you tell what works and what’s just snake oil? Come talk to us at Cooley Hair Center, a leading hair restoration destination in Charlotte.

Actual Solutions for Hair Loss in Charlotte, North Carolina

Every patient will receive a personal recommendation as to what solution may be best for them. Cooley Hair Center’s Rogaine treatment is one such solution. The first step to any hair loss problem is stopping it before it worsens. With this treatment patients can now slow down their hair loss, and though not permanent, Rogaine especially works on:

  • Thin hair
  • Beards
  • Receding hairline

During the treatment process, Dr. Cooley personally works with his patients to develop a treatment that specifically suits them. These plans include medicated products, cutting-edge treatments, as well as updates on the newest advancements.

Cooley Offers Advanced Hair Restoration Treatments

If Rogaine or Minoxidil don’t work for hair loss, Cooley Hair Center provides alternative hair restoration treatments in Charlotte, NC. We are one of the top hair restoration surgical centers on the east coast and utilize  a variety of treatments including: 

FUE is a popular hair transplant technique called follicular unit excision/extraction, widely used in surgery for hair transplantation. It is one of two main methods used by surgeons for hair restoration, along with follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

FUE takes out hair follicles from the donor area, usually found at the back or sides of the patient’s scalp. We carefully collect hair units with a special tool, like a small punch or robot, to avoid harming nearby tissues.

We carefully transplant the extracted hair follicles into the recipient area, where hair loss or thinning has occurred. The surgeon strategically implants the follicles, considering factors such as natural hair growth patterns, density, and the patient’s desired outcome. This meticulous approach allows for a natural-looking result.

FUT is a surgery for people with hair loss who want natural-looking results. This procedure removes a strip of scalp from the back or sides of the head.

The removed strip is then divided into smaller units. These smaller units are called follicular units. These follicular units consist of one to four hair follicles, along with the surrounding tissues.

After removing the hair units, the surgeon places them in the balding areas of the scalp. The units are placed carefully, considering how the hair grows naturally and what the patient wants the result to be. This ensures that the transplanted hair blends seamlessly with the existing hair, creating a natural and undetectable result.

FUT surgery can transplant more hair follicles at once than other methods, which is a major benefit of this procedure. It’s great for people with a lot of hair loss or those who want to cover a large area quickly.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a revolutionary treatment that aims to combat hair loss and promote hair regrowth. By harnessing the power of the patient’s own blood, PRP therapy provides a fresh source of nutrients to the scalp, stimulating the dormant hair follicles and encouraging them to become active again. This process leads to a noticeable improvement in hair density and overall hair growth.

The procedure begins with a simple blood draw from the patient’s arm. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge machine, which spins at a high speed to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood components. The resulting PRP is a concentrated solution that is rich in growth factors and other beneficial substances.

Once the PRP is prepared, it is carefully injected into the balding areas of the scalp. The growth factors present in the PRP stimulate the hair follicles, promoting their regeneration and increasing blood flow to the scalp. This enhanced blood flow delivers essential nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, revitalizing them and promoting healthy hair growth.

PRP therapy is particularly effective for individuals with androgenetic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness. This common form of hair loss is characterized by the shrinking of hair follicles over time, leading to thinner and shorter hair strands. By activating dormant follicles, PRP therapy can reverse this process and restore hair density.

Exosomes are tiny extracellular vesicles that are derived from stem cells. These vesicles contain a diverse range of growth factors, proteins, and genetic material that play a crucial role in cell-to-cell communication and tissue regeneration. When exosomes are injected into the scalp, they have the potential to stimulate the body’s natural regenerative abilities, leading to thicker and healthier hair growth.

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the ability to differentiate into various cell types and contribute to tissue repair and regeneration. They are often found in abundance in certain tissues, such as bone marrow or adipose tissue. Stem cells can be isolated and cultured in the laboratory to produce exosomes, which are then harvested and used for therapeutic purposes.

Exosomes derived from stem cells are particularly beneficial for hair regrowth because they contain a wide array of growth factors. These growth factors act as signaling molecules that promote cell proliferation, angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels), and tissue remodeling. By delivering these growth factors directly to the scalp, exosomes can stimulate the hair follicles, improve blood circulation, and enhance the overall health of the hair and scalp.

When exosomes are injected into the scalp, they can penetrate the skin and reach the hair follicles. Once inside the follicles, the growth factors present in exosomes can activate dormant hair follicle stem cells, promoting their proliferation and differentiation into hair cells. This process leads to the production of new hair strands and an increase in hair density.


Cooley Hair Center offers cutting-edge hair restoration services as well as a team of experts who are leaders in their field. Reach out to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jerry Cooley, who is renowned for his natural hair transplantation results. Cooley Hair Center patients in and around Minneapolis, including Saint Paul, Lakeville, St. Cloud and serves traveling patients from around the world.