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7 Tips to Heal Faster After PRP Hair Therapy

  • Post published:August 14, 2022
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People considering PRP therapy often ask if there is pain and discomfort involved in the process. In addition, many of them want to know whether they should follow certain steps to manage any pain and to help them  heal faster. 

In PRP therapy, blood is extracted from the patient, processed using a centrifuge, then injected into the scalp. However, the pain is manageable and should not deter you from getting PRP therapy for hair loss. 

In fact, by following these 7 simple tips, you will heal faster after your treatment. 

1. Get enough rest.

Doctors will always recommend their patients get some rest after their PRP session. Because blood was drawn from your system, you could be feeling a little bit weak after a PRP session. You need to rest to recover your strength.

2. Drink lots of water.

Drinking plenty of water helps promote the healing process. Even before you have your PRP injections, make sure you are well hydrated. This helps ensure a smooth process from the blood draw to the final injection. 

3. Stay away from heavy exercise.

Give at least two days after your treatment before you begin your workout. The injected area may still feel sore after a PRP session. Heavy exercise causes you to sweat more which may cause an adverse reaction on your scalp.

4. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Caffeine, alcoholic beverages, and even spicy food may worsen the bruising and swelling on the injection site. Avoid these for at least 24 hours after your PRP treatment.

5. Eat healthy foods.

You need to eat foods rich in folate to increase your platelet count and replace the blood that was extracted. Include iron-rich meals to develop healthy red blood cells. You could also take supplements that help increase platelet count.

6. Avoid aspirin.

When considering supplements to increase your platelet count, make sure they don’t contain blood thinning agents as they may intensify the bruising. Also, avoid aspirin and other medications that contain these blood thinning substances.

7. Clean your skin

Wait at least 24 hours before washing your hair. You may use a mild cleanser but avoid using harsh hair products. Refrain from touching the injection site immediately after the PRP session. 

What to expect after your treatment

Generally, it takes a few months before you can see improvements in hair growth and density. Your doctor may also recommend more than one session. But each person is different and your situation may require fewer or more than usual. Consult with your doctor for a treatment plan that is uniquely for you. 

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