5 Reasons Why You Should Choose FUE Hair Transplants

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When it comes to hair transplants, follicular unit excision (FUE) is widely regarded as the gold standard for natural and effective hair restoration. At Carolina Hair Center, Dr. Jerry Cooley and his expert staff are ready to provide the treatment you need to enjoy a fuller, thicker head of hair. If you have ever been curious or interested in FUE hair transplants and how they can restore your thinning hair, schedule a consultation with Dr. Cooley today. He can go through the procedure in detail, highlighting its benefits and explaining why FUE should be your first choice for hair transplants.

1. Minimal Scarring Compared to Other Procedures

Minimal scarring is one of the most common reasons patients and doctors favor FUE surgery over traditional strip removal procedures. Unlike the strip removal method for hair restoration, also known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT), FUE does not result in any linear scars that can distract from your satisfying results or prevent you from wearing your hair short. With FUE, you are encouraged to wear your hair in whichever style you would like, free from worry about exposed or unsightly scarring.

During an FUE procedure, the donor follicular units are removed from the scalp individually using a handheld device. Because each graft is removed one-by-one, the harvesting process can be spread out across a larger area to ensure there’s no noticeable loss in density in your donor sites. Once the grafts have been harvested, your scalp will heal within a couple of weeks, leaving hardly a trace of the procedure. You may notice some faint, circular scars from the punch device, but they will be difficult to spot to even a trained eye and can be easily hidden with natural hair growth.

2. Completely Natural Hair Growth

If you are interested in treatments that provide natural hair restoration, FUE should be at the top of your list. The donor grafts that are used to rebuild your hairline and fill in bald spots are taken from other areas of your scalp. Once the grafts have been implanted and begin to produce new hair, your transplants will blend in seamlessly with your surrounding, preexisting hair growth. Your new hair can be washed, brushed, styled and cut just like normal.

During his FUE procedures, Dr. Cooley takes great care to implant his patients’ donor grafts in patterns that mimic the natural density, angle and placement of existing hair. Once results develop over time, they are completely indistinguishable.

3. A Faster and More Comfortable Recovery

Because FUE does not require strip removal, the recovery process is much more comfortable and requires much less downtime than FUT. Most patents are able to return to work within one to two days, if desired. Some patients may wish to take more time off in order for their visible side effects to diminish, but required downtime is nearly nonexistent with FUE.

The side effects of FUE are minimized, and patients should not experience much discomfort at all. With FUT, patients can suffer for weeks from lingering pain and sensations of tightness due to the strip removal. Patients who undergo FUE can resume their normal routines almost right away.

4. Repeatable Results for a Lifetime of Hair

Because age-related hair loss is an ongoing issue that does not stop upon receiving transplants, some patients may choose to undergo multiple restoration procedures as their hair continues to thin with time. With FUT, patients are limited with how many strip removal procedures they can receive as the scalp may become excessively tight, increasing the risk of complications and patient discomfort.

During FUE, only the precise amount of donor grafts that are needed for optimal results are removed, meaning the procedure can be tailored to a wide range of results. Patients can elect to use FUE to perform a small amount of hair restoration if they received hair transplants years ago but desire a minor improvement in their hairline. FUE can also be used fill in scars from FUT or perform revision hair restoration for patients who receive poor results from unqualified doctors.

5. Long-Lasting and Satisfying Results

The donor grafts harvested during FUE are selected from healthy areas of the scalp that are much more resilient to hair loss. Once implanted in balding sections of the scalp, the grafts will continue to produce hair well into the future, even if the surrounding preexisting hair continues to thin. The results from FUE are lifelong, and you can expect to enjoy your thicker, more youthful head of hair for many years to come.

In order to maintain your new hair and continue enjoying your results, be sure to adopt a comprehensive hair care routine that incorporates Rogaine, Propecia and advanced treatment options like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Dr. Cooley works with all of his patients individually to develop a personalized treatment plan, ensuring your results are long-lasting and satisfying following your FUE procedure.

Your FUE Consultation at Carolina Hair Center

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