Do PRP Injections Help Combat Alopecia?

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With millions of men and women experiencing the unwanted effects of age-related hair loss, the market for a hair loss cure is higher than ever. While research into a lifelong solution is still ongoing, recent advancements in hair restoration have led experts like Dr. Jerry Cooley at Cooley Hair Center to uncover the benefits of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. With … Read More

Does a Vitamin Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?

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Keeping your hair thick and healthy requires a constant supply of vitamins and nutrients stemming from a well-rounded diet. Consuming a diet that lacks the vital nutrients your body needs can lead to numerous health issues, but can a vitamin-deficient diet directly lead to hair loss? At Carolina Hair Center, we focus on real solutions for your age-related hair loss. … Read More

FUE vs. FUT for My Hair Transplant

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Navigating your way through the confusing and sometimes deceptive world of hair restoration can be a difficult process to do on your own. Many companies push products that do not work or outright claim to “cure” hair loss without FDA approval or reputable clinical trials. Once you finally weed through all of the outrageous claims and false promises to figure … Read More

Permanent or Temporary: PRP for Hair Loss Treatment

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Treating androgenetic alopecia—male and female pattern baldness—with permanent results is the holy grail of hair loss treatments. Unfortunately, a permanent solution to this all-too-common ailment remains elusive, but existing and emerging treatments are capable of managing hair loss more effectively than ever before. At Carolina Hair Center, Dr. Cooley and our team of hair loss professionals want to help you … Read More

How Successful is PRP for Hair Restoration?

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If you struggle with hair loss and have spent any time researching the latest developments in hair restoration, then you have likely heard of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP has been used for years to accelerate healing for orthopedic and cardiac surgery but has recently entered the cosmetic scene as a skin care and hair restoration treatment. With its recent … Read More

Do Hair Transplants Work?

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If you, like millions of men and women throughout the world, are suffering from the effects of androgenetic alopecia, or genetic hair loss, then you understand how debilitating and harmful the condition can be to your self-image. While efforts to develop a cure for this common affliction remain underway, modern treatment options offer hair restoration methods that are more advanced … Read More

How Does PRP for Hair Restoration Work?

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Even though androgenetic alopecia, more commonly known as male and female pattern baldness, affects millions of people throughout the world, research into its causes and how to effectively cure this common affliction has remained inconclusive. While a hair loss cure does not yet exist, modern restoration methods have been able to provide more effective treatment than ever before. One of … Read More

Are There Hair Transplant Side Effects?

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In the age of modern hair restoration, hair transplants reign supreme as the most effective method for fighting the effects of genetic hair loss. With results that are indistinguishable from surrounding hair and the ability to rebuild hairlines after years of thinning, many hair loss sufferers are interested in this comprehensive procedure than ever before. If you are considering hair … Read More

Do Hair Transplants Last?

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If you have previously received hair transplants or are considering undergoing hair transplantation surgery to restore your thinning hair, you likely have plenty of questions. There are a lot of myths surrounding balding and genetic hair loss with frustratingly few answers and plenty of deceptive products on the market. At Carolina Hair Center, Dr. Cooley has made it his mission … Read More

When Will I See the Best Results from My Transplant?

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Hair transplants are the most effective option for those faced with hereditary hair loss and looking for lifelong results. Other hair restoration treatment and product options can successfully combat hair loss, but true hair restoration is possible only through hair transplants. While hair transplantation surgery provides long-lasting results, the process to get there can take some time. At Carolina Hair … Read More