Meet Dr. Jerry Cooley, the Hair Loss Doctor

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You deserve nothing less than the best when it comes to deciding on the right doctor to perform your hair restoration procedure. When performed with the correct care and attention to detail, hair restoration surgery can restore years of hair loss damage and completely transform your appearance. Dr. Jerry E. Cooley is one of the world’s foremost hair restoration specialists. … Read More

What Exactly is Low Level Laser Therapy?

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What Exactly is Low Level Laser Therapy? Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is a relatively new and potentially viable means to promote hair growth using red-light lasers. With androgenetic alopecia, the most common disorder causing hair loss, affecting a huge population of both men and women, many techniques and methods are constantly being created and studied to combat hair loss. … Read More

Can Hair Transplantation Manage Ongoing Hair Loss?

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If you’re sick of seeing bald spots in the mirror and are looking into hair transplantation surgery as a way to combat your hair loss, you may have some questions regarding results. Hair restoration procedures use healthy follicular units harvested from donor sites in the scalp, typically the back and sides of the head, and plant them in the balding … Read More

FUT, the Modern Hair Restoration Treatment

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If you’re experiencing hereditary hair loss but are worried about the ineffectiveness or obviousness of hair transplant procedures, you might be surprised by how far hair restoration has come. While previous hair restoration treatments used to leave telltale signs behind, new hair restoration treatment methods have made huge strides. Modern hair transplantation can recreate natural-looking hair, without visible scarring or … Read More

Are Topical Hair Growth Products Right for Me?

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If you’ve noticed your hair is starting to thin out as you age, you’re not alone. Hair loss can start as early as your teens and both men and women are affected by hereditary hair loss. You’ve probably seen the commercials for products like Rogaine that claim to regrow and thicken your hair, but do they work? And are you … Read More

Hairline Design by Jerry Cooley MD, Hair Transplant Documentary Part 2


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  Hairline design by Dr. Cooley was the standout feature in the second episode of the Hair Transplant Documentary in North Carolina series by Joe Tillman, the Hair Transplant Mentor™, when he came to our clinic in early 2016. We really enjoyed seeing this episode as it showcased the introduction to our patient for the day. The patient came to … Read More

Skin Cancer Hair Transplant?


Skin cancer hair transplant treatments are not very common. Skin cancer itself has become a fairly common issue in our society so the discussion of skin cancer hair transplant surgery rarely elicits the attention it deserves. Sometimes unusual circumstances can bring this problem back into focus. For instance, this skin cancer hair transplant patient we present today suffered from a severe … Read More

Hair Transplant Video Documentation

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Hair Transplant video documentation technology has not been a priority for Cooley Hair Center and Dr. Jerry Cooley in the past due to several reasons but the main focus of our practice has been to improve the core of our work through innovation and research. We have always been at the forefront of leading edge hair restoration technologies and it is evident … Read More

The Benefits of Proper Planning

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When hair loss strikes it is always unexpected and never fun. It starts with noticing a few less hairs in one spot on our hairlines or it may even, unfortunately, start with a comment by a friend or family member and these comments always seem to present themselves in the company of others. Sometimes we notice that our hair is … Read More