FUT, the Modern Hair Restoration Treatment

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If you’re experiencing hereditary hair loss but are worried about the ineffectiveness or obviousness of hair transplant procedures, you might be surprised by how far hair restoration has come.

While previous hair restoration treatments used to leave telltale signs behind, new hair restoration treatment methods have made huge strides. Modern hair transplantation can recreate natural-looking hair, without visible scarring or the infamous “plug” look of larger hair graft procedures of the past.

The “gold standard” of hair restoration, follicular hair transplantation, commonly referred to as FUT, is one of the most popular methods of modern hair restoration. Only a single fine scar is left behind and can easily be covered by surrounding hair. Dr. Cooley at Carolina Dermatology Hair Center is an expert of his craft and will restore your hair with the utmost care, ensuring you’ll love the way your hair looks.

How It Works

A small strip is removed, typically from the back or sides of the head, and then separated into individual follicular units. Each follicular unit is comprised of one to four strands of hair. Once removed and separated, they’re transplanted into the targeted balding areas one by one. The excision site from the strip removal is sutured closed and heals with minimal scarring.

The duration of the procedure is dependent on how many grafts will be needed and has a complete recovery time of about one to two weeks.


Follicular unit extraction, or FUE, is another form of modern hair transplantation treatment that is commonly used. The differences in the two types of procedures lay in how the follicular units are extracted; the transplantation process is the same. FUE requires removing each follicular unit one by one with a small handheld punch. Tiny circular faint scars are left behind, but no linear excision is needed.

The topic of FUT vs FUE is hotly-debated, with both having advantages over the other. However, Dr. Cooley believes that both FUT and FUE have their place and he is very experienced using both approaches. This is the benefit to having your hair restoration with Carolina Dermatology Hair Center as we do not believe that one procedure should suit all patients.

Dr. Cooley is proud to offer his patients at Carolina Dermatology Hair Center the most up to date technology and procedures available today. Dr. Cooley is a board-certified dermatologist and has been performing hair transplants for over 20 years. If hereditary hair loss is impacting your self-confidence, call Carolina Dermatology Hair Center 704-542-1601 to schedule your consultation today.