There are also different regions of the scalp where hair loss occurs, each area has a name which describes the exact region where the hair loss is taking place.

In order to classify the severity of hair loss, doctors created a series of charts categorizing various stages of hair loss. The charts are very useful when describing your hair loss to someone or as a yard stick to measure

your own hair loss progression or regrowth. The charts are only relevant to Male and Female Pattern hair loss since the hair loss occurs in a predictable pattern.

The most commonly used chart for men is the one developed by Dr Hamilton and then later modified by Dr. o’Tar Norwood called the Norwood-Hamilton scale.

Women who suffer from Androgenic Alopecia have a pattern of hair loss called Female Pattern Loss. This loss does not occur in the same pattern as men but appears as a diffuse thinning throughout the scalp. There is a chart designed to classify Female Pattern loss called the Ludwig Scale. There are however always exceptions and in some cases men may suffer from a diffuse type thinning and women may experience a similar hair loss pattern to men.

The Norwood/Hamilton Scale For
Mens Hair Loss

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Hair Loss Patterns