This patient was in his late 50’s and had worn a hair piece for most of his adult life. We discussed the issues of transitioning to a hair transplant and focused in particular on the impossibility of matching the density of a hair piece. His case was particularly tough because he was very bald and has a condition called vitiligo so his scalp was very white. His dark hair would stand out when transplanted and the lack of density in a transplant would be exaggerated by the contrast between his skin and hair.

He understood all this and wanted to proceed. In the first session of FUSS, we performed 5,086 fu’s (1-1497, 2-2248, 3-1253, 4-88). In the second procedure one year later, we performed 2,821 fu’s (1-779, 2-1303, 3-699, 4-40). He is shown one year after the second procedure. He is extremely satisfied and gladly accepts less density compared to the hair piece, given the naturalness and no maintenance of the transplant.