Hair transplant surgery patient before and after photos with ACell.

Hair Transplant Sessions: 1
Grafts Implanted: 2690
Total Hairs Transplanted: 5814
Baldness Class: 2 
Hair Transplant Repair Work Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip).

This hair restoration patient had undergone numerous mini-micrograft procedures in the past. There was some tufting and detectability particularly at the hairline. Also, the hairline was too low in the corners.

We performed hair transplant surgery with a total of 2,690 grafts (1-601, 2-1485, 3-569, 4-35; 5,814 total hairs). We also thinned out some of the hairs below the new hairline using electrolysis. Results are at 10 months. ACell was used on the grafts prior to implantation.