Hairline Design by Jerry Cooley MD, Hair Transplant Documentary Part 2


hairline design


hairline designHairline design by Dr. Cooley was the standout feature in the second episode of the Hair Transplant Documentary in North Carolina series by Joe Tillman, the Hair Transplant Mentor™, when he came to our clinic in early 2016. We really enjoyed seeing this episode as it showcased the introduction to our patient for the day. The patient came to see us because he needed Dr. Cooley to repair his previous FUE procedure that was performed at another clinic. One reason why the patient came to use was for the hairline design skills of Dr. Cooley, that the patient learned about about doing a lot more research than he had before his first procedure. Hairline design is one of the abilities that patients come to Dr. Cooley for as his approach is not only unique and artistic, it is highly respected by his peers as well.

During the video, after the introduction to the patient is completed, you’ll get to sit in on the pre-procedure consultation. This is where Dr. Cooley reviews with the patient all of the details they discussed during his previous visit to the clinic. This basically is a confirmation of the game plan and then you get to see Dr. Cooley begin the hairline design, during which you get to learn about one of his “tricks” to ensuring a proper and natural overall facial framing. The patient is then documented with a series of photographs in the clinic photo room. This room was set up with the idea that the highest degree of detail should be captured, both for the images before a hair restoration procedure, and after because without a lot of detail the true representation won’t be evident. This is one reason why HairCenter is the first clinic in the world to standardize on the use of 4k Ultra HD video when documenting patient results. This is necessary so you can see, with the most accuracy possible online, what a result truly looks like.

The patient is then taken into the procedure room where he’s given a set of OR garments to where during the procedure. His scalp is then prepped and cleaned to avoid the spread of infection. Infection prevention protocols are a big deal to Dr. Cooley and he takes every step to reduce the chances of this issue for the safety of the patient and for his staff. We hope you like this five minute video that is part 2 of the Hair Transplant Documentary in North Carolina series by Joe Tillman. Stay tuned for more updates!