Dr. Cooley is one of the pioneers of research regarding Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and how it can be used to treat hair loss for men and women.
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*Not an actual Cooley Hair Center patient.


Since 2006, with continued research and modifications to his ever evolving hair restoration techniques, Dr. Cooley has developed a very effective PRP therapy that has seen very positive PRP results for many of his patients. He uses PRP to treat the right candidates for diffused hair loss and general thinning hair by reinvigorating hair health and effectively improving hair density and overall coverage.

With evident results of PRP treatment on our patients, you can see thickening of miniaturized hair, significant improvement on the crown, increased terminal hairs, and impressive thickening of the hairline region. Hair loss treatments will take about 2 hours as a stand-alone procedure, with no side effects

PRP with ACell is used to help speed post-operative healing and to create better overall results.

Ultra-Refined Hair Transplant Surgery For Men & Women
Hair growth problems may be a thing of the past when you have someone to rely on to perform effective procedures. Cooley Hair Center is your therapy for hair. After your treatment, you will not only see new hair but also renewed self-confidence. It is an investment in yourself!

It is an investment in yourself!

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(Due to the popularity and desirable services of Dr. Cooley, Consultations can be booked out 2-3 months with surgeries booked out 6-12 months after that. We are excited to develop a personal relationship with you to provide you personalized care.) *

*Not an actual Cooley Hair Center patient.